About Blink Fitness Chelsea

Blink Fitness Chelsea in New York is a highly recommended gym for individuals seeking a spacious and well-equipped workout facility. Located in a convenient spot, this gym offers a range of machines and equipment, ensuring every gym-goer can access what they need for a satisfying workout session. The gym is known for its variety of machines, including a shoulder press incline Hammer strength machine, Hammer strength lat pulldown machine, multiple cable stations, and more.

The facility is described as clean and well-maintained, providing a positive atmosphere for visitors. Moreover, the friendly and helpful staff at Blink Fitness Chelsea enhance the overall experience for members and guests. With a 24/7 schedule on select days, accommodating different workout preferences and schedules.

Although there have been some concerns raised regarding the business practices and cancellation policies, the overall consensus highlights the gym's positive attributes, such as cleanliness, equipment availability, and knowledgeable staff. Those seeking a gym with a welcoming environment and various equipment options may find Blink Fitness Chelsea to be a suitable choice for their fitness needs.

Opening Hours

Monday5 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday5 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday5 AM to 11 PM
Thursday5 AM to 11 PM
Friday5 AM to 10 PM
Saturday7 AM to 7 PM
Sunday7 AM to 7 PM