Momenta Fit2865 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222 335-6153

About Momenta Fit

Momenta Fit in Denver is a boutique gym that offers top-notch facilities and services to cater to a diverse range of fitness needs. The gym boasts a clean and quiet environment, equipped with a variety of high-quality equipment including cardio machines, dumbbells, trx, kettlebells, and more.

The personalized approach at Momenta is evident in the knowledgeable trainers, physical therapists, and massage therapists available on-site. Clients appreciate the attention to detail and expertise displayed in crafting tailored workout plans to address specific concerns or injuries, such as hip problems, muscle pain, and mobility issues.

In addition to traditional gym amenities, Momenta stands out for offering pilates classes and massage therapy services, providing a well-rounded wellness experience under one roof. The smaller scale of the gym creates a cozy and community-driven atmosphere, where individuals can receive individualized attention and support.

For those seeking a local and family-like gym experience with a focus on quality over quantity, Momenta Fit emerges as a standout choice in Denver's fitness scene.

Opening Hours

Monday6 AM to 6 PM
Tuesday6 AM to 6 PM
Wednesday6 AM to 6 PM
Thursday6 AM to 6 PM
Friday6 AM to 6 PM
Saturday8 AM to 12 PM
Sunday8 AM to 12 PM