Tankhead Thai Boxing1344 W Cedar Ave, Denver, CO 80223http://www.tankheadthaiboxing.com/

About Tankhead Thai Boxing

Tankhead Thai Boxing in Denver is a traditional Muay Thai gym that offers an authentic and immersive experience for martial arts enthusiasts. The facilities are well-equipped to provide a focused environment for training in Muay Thai techniques and culture. The gym is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place for both beginners and experienced fighters.

Tankhead Thai Boxing prides itself on transparency, with upfront pricing and no hidden fees, ensuring that members know exactly what to expect when joining. The coaches are described as knowledgeable and helpful, providing guidance to students at all skill levels. The community at Tankhead is often likened to a family, fostering a supportive environment where individuals can learn and grow together.

Members appreciate the diverse range of training offered at Tankhead, which includes cardio, strength conditioning, and proper technique instruction. The gym is commended for its ability to quickly improve students' skills while providing a fun and engaging workout. Overall, Tankhead Thai Boxing is hailed as a place where individuals can come to not only learn Muay Thai but also to find a sense of belonging and support in their martial arts journey.

Opening Hours

Monday12 to 1 PM, 5 to 7:15 PM
Tuesday5 to 8:15 PM
Wednesday12 to 1 PM, 5 to 7:15 PM
Thursday5 to 8:15 PM
Friday12 to 1 PM, 5 to 7:15 PM
Saturday2 to 3:30 PM